Chris Evans, Before We Go worldwide premiere, Toronto International Film Festival 2014

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Hello yes I’m trying to get the next chapter of Just Live finished and sent off to my beta by the end of the day. 

about to go read yours because it looks adorable, but I believe anon may be referring to this: theappleppielifestyle.t…

Ah, here you go, pamora! :D 

pamora said: Hi! I wondered if you could help me to find a drabble. It was about Steve thinking that Tony was going to break up with him while Tony was actually proposing to him. I don't remember the author, maybe it was you :'D Thanks!

There’s this one that I’ve written, and probably a million different versions of the same thing in my backlog that I can’t find, haha. If that’s not it, can anyone else help?

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steve is impressed, so it’s safe to say their date is going well (◠‿◠✿)

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Anonymous said: It's the college anon here - I just wanted to say that ive just finished my first four weeks of school, and i'm loving it! :)

I’m so glad you’re enjoying it! :D 

Anonymous said: i just finished reading the little fic where Steve's accent came through while he and Tony were watching cop shows and now i just want to read a fic where Steve and Bucky just talk/argue/whatever in their Brooklyn accent around the others. do you know any fics similar to that, that i can read?

I don’t, I’m sorry! Can anyone help? 

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Anonymous said: I just fapped to your selfie.